Crew and Equipment

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Fixer in Morocco

One stop production services
From Initial research to filming and post-production

Drone Use

Hire Inspire 2 MX-5 with operators | We provide needed permits


Variety of landscape in short distances  

Mounirs Morokko

Fixer in Morocco and Nice Media BV for 24Kitchen MOUNIRS MOROKKO Culinary show hosted by Chef Mounir Toub, and produced by Nice Media and Fixer in Morocco. Locations include Tangier, Tetuan, Fnideq, Sefrou, Fez and Ahermoumou.


Moraction secured all production services and facilities to its Italian client Red Carpet filming Italian Pro Surfer in the southern Moroccan Coast. We did a great job scouting adequate locations mainly potential surf spots we can find along the southern coast of Morocco. We have been filming in Imsouane, Taghazoute, and Sidi Ifni regions. Locations…

Fixer in Morocco | COSMIC JOKE – UK His Moroccan Love Story Fixer in Morocco and Moraction with Cosmic Joke for Arabian Dates (His Moroccan Love Story) Locations in Marrakesh = Morocco.