Jamie Whitby | Director

I’m a London-based director and I just spent 2 days in Casablanca by myself with Karim researching a documentary with very difficult access. I can genuinely say it was an absolute pleasure working with him and it would have been impossible to get what I needed without him. If you need a fixer or producer…

Isabelle Lopez | Red Carpet

“We worked with Karim for a month. He’s a great fixer! And thanks to his support, we were able to shoot successfully our documentary along the coast of Morocco. If I ever go back there to film another show, i will definitely call him again!”

Luiz Van Roekel | STRIX TV

“Karim is quick, professional, knows what he’s talking about, has a lot of knowledge about location and is a friendly and reliable person to work with.”

Luiz Ferraz | Olé Productions

“Karim was a fantastic fixer and host for our crew at Casablanca during our pre-production, characters research and shooting. He helped us to have all permissions and papers to be able to shoot there. He’s very helpful with the crew and did an excelent job for us. As a producer, I strongly recommend him to…

Nikki Baillie | Ultramarine Films

“Karim has been one of my best producer / fixer to date. He helped us achieve great things, with little time! His superb communication skills are at the heart of it. We felt very safe that he understand what we were trying to achieve. Karim is highly recommended.”

Shona Brown Producer | Cosmic Joke

“Karim is a perfect fixer from start to finish. When our project began we didn’t even know if filming in Marrakech was even feasible – from the first email with Karim, we were immediately put at ease. Karim was able to offer impartial and crucial advice on every aspect of filming in Morocco. He was…

Ala’a Elsayed | V-TWO

“I worked with Karim on a social show called Samtan, 6 of the episodes were shot in morocco in different cities. He was really helpful him and his team, In fact I was really blessed working with him. I had to leave my team (director and dop) with karim to go back to my country…

IAN PANNELL – BBC Senior correspondent

“I did work with Karim and yes the experience was positive. we worked together with the BBC team in 2007 (Moroccan elections), he is very personable, efficient, very good English and with good contacts!”

Catrin M S Davies | Unigryw

“Thanks for all your work for us. Translating from 3 or 4 languages on a daily basis; arranging locations and contributors, getting us from A to B and back, picking spots to film and on and on. And most of all – securing the filming permit and dealing with all the official stuff – great…

Danny Donkers | Nice Media

“Simply the best! That’s what Karim stands for. He was the fixer for our culinary travel program in Morocco. Things never come easy when you do a travel program, but with Karim it does. All the permits were taken care of and he was able to fix us the best people and locations we could…